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Budget Curved Stairs Solutions


Do you need a curved stairlift, but your on a budget?

Question  :  You may be wondering why curved stair lifts are more expensive than straight stairlifts.    Answer  :  The rail .    All staircases with curves or bends are different, some may look similar but can vary by just a few inches, for this reason the stairlift rail must be tailor made to order, hence the extra cost involved.


We have some cost effective solutions below that may be an option for your curved stairs.




Option 1

If your stair case is not straight like A but you have one or more sub / intermediate landings like stair cases B, C or D , Then it might be possible to have two or more straight stair lifts , This can often be a cheaper alternative to having a curved stairlift.


Option 2

If you have a turn or a curve at the top of your staircase like E, F or G we may be able to install a hinged and counterbalanced drop down / bridging platform (Shown below) to span the gap between the stairlift foot plate and the upper landing, avoiding the expense of a curved stairlift.

If you have a staircase similar to H it is possible that your only option will be a custom made curved stairlift.



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