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New Brooks Curved Stairlift

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H34 New Brooks curved stairliftBrooks New Curved Stairlift from £3595

You may be wondering why curved stair lifts are more expensive than straight stairlifts?

The main reason is the rail, all staircases with curves or bends are different, some may look similar but can vary by just a few inches, for this reason the stairlift rail must be tailor made to your staircase, hence the extra cost .

The brand new Brooks slim curved stair lift can be supplied and fitted from £3595                               

The price includes a 12 month manufactures warranty for call out, parts and labour.






Examples of typical non straight staircases


H23 Staircases with 1 bendTypical 1 bend staircases ( above )

H24 Staircases with 2 bends

Typical 2 bend staircases ( above )

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The Brooks / Acorn 180 is the simplest solution for a curved staircase, using a single rail attached to your staircase (not your wall)

It’s unique slim line design ensures that there is plenty of space left for other members of the family to use the stairs.

Brooks ? Acorn  stair lifts are designed to suit your individual home and life style And are engineered with a range of features that make them simple to use.

Through innovation and investment Brooks have always delivered products with the customer in mind,  aiming to provide the perfect solution.


  • Powered by mains rechargeable batteries
  • Safety sensors
  • Key lockable on / off switch
  • A digital diagnostic / status display
  • Seat belt
  • Easy to use directional paddle
  • Slim fold up seat, footrest and arm rest
  • Swivel seat
  • Remote controls

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H17 Safety and key features

  • Automatic hinged rail
  • Powered seat swivel
  • Powered footrest
  • Additional park points

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H21 Brooks curved stairlift specifications

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